Bella Canvas Brand T-shirt info

We use the highest quality T's in our product.  Learn more about Bella Canvas.

What makes a great T-shirt:

Side seam

  • Offers a better fit, which means you get a shirt that fits the subtle nuances that are needed to tailor a shirt to the human body vs tubular T's that fit like a box.  Who would want a tubular cut shirt?

Best type of cotton is  Airlume combed  + Ring spun cotton

  • Raw cotton is refined to get rid of impurities and combing it makes it very soft.  They comb out 25% of cotton they start with to ensure they have a premium product.
  • Using the highest standard of cotton the yarn is spun with less straight fibers resulting in the smoothest print surface possible, which ensures the most premium blend soft shirt.

Why their shirts don't shrink

  • Process is done on our fabric prior to sewing.
  • Maximum shrinkage of 5% in length in width is what this process ensures.  

USA Strong Production

Most of the production is in the USA in their Los Angeles factory.  Dying and cutting is done in this location and the sewing is done in either LA or in Central America.

(243) What is USA Strong Production? - YouTube

Eco Friendly Standards

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