Where is the summer going?

Hi everyone!  We haven't done a post since we started the website and wanted to give everyone an update. Can you believe that it is already over halfway through July? Where is the summer going?  First, we would like to thank our new customers who have patronized our business, especially by purchasing through the website.  It has helped us to work out the bugs as we learn to navigate through our new adventure.  We have been very busy setting up our new shop and working on the website. There are never enough hours in the day as I am sure you can all relate. Fall is my favorite time of year and it will be here before you know it. Although we do have some fall and Halloween designs currently on our website, we will be adding so many more in the upcoming weeks. I think we have something that everyone will love. We also will be adding some new colors for the shirts. We hope that everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!

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